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Magic Jet

Item code: AT-9077T

Description: Size: 160 x 75 x 62 cm High quality acrylic with stainless steel support; Seamless bathtub by one-piece molding technology; Transparent glass window with built-in LED light; #304 Stainless steel hand rail; Chrome-plated mixer LT-066, with hand hold shower; Y shape self-cleaning water pipe; 750W water pump from Austria with creepage protection; 640 air bubble pump with creepage protection; 4 side nozzles for water massage;

Hydromassage baths

Item code: AT-9086

Description: Size: 170 x 168 x 76.5 cm Position: Free standing Hydro massage: Airpool, Whirlpool, Magic High quality acrylic with stainless steel support, free standing round bath tub with full side skirt; Seamless bathtub by two pcs connection; 400W air pump for 287 air bubble jet with creepage protection; 7 colors LED water light Y shape self-cleaning water pipe; functions Touch screen control panel AY06

Steam cabins

Item code : A-8835FL

Descriptions: Size: 120 x 80 x 217cm Aluminum profile by white color painting finished, 8mm tempered glass; PMMA & ABS bottom tray by 5mm with drainage; 3.5KW steam generator with water-level sensor and over-heat protection; 4 in 1 top shower, chrome moveable shower & shower hanger; With water spray in the front panel, chrome single handle faucet; Glass shelf; Selling points: Removable front steam panel, easy for plumbing and maintenance.

Infrared saunas

Item code: AI-0102

Description: Size: 135 x 135 x 200cm Infrared sauna room; Carbon crystal heater plate imported from Germany; Double layer hemlock wood for room body, 6MM tempered glass door, Optical fiber by 7 color change on the cell. With Intelligent control panel for time setting, temperature setting, Bluetooth, FM Radio etc.

Standard baths

Item code: TS-9093

Description: Size: 170 x 80 x 60 cm, high quality acrylic with stainless steel support, seamless bathtub by one piece molding technology with drainage Optional: chrome-plated mixer LT-066 with hand hold shower

Standard baths

Item code : TS-9095

Description: Size: 170 x 81 x 74cm high quality acrylic with stainless steel support, seamless bathtub by two pcs connection with drainage chrome-plated mixer LT-066 with hand hold shower

Bathroom furnitures

Item code : B-817

Description: Main cabinet: 102x 50x44cm, Ceramic Basin: 50x 50x 15cm, Mirror with light: 90x60x13.5cm PVC by 7-layer painting; three layer under coat painting, four layer-finished coat painting; With Pop-up drainage;

Bathroom furnitures

Item code : HF-5001-93A

Description: Main cabinet:150x 60x85cm, Mirror cabinet:138x 16x 85cm, Solid wood with natural marble counter; Under counter double ceramic basin; Solid wood by 7 layer painting; 3 layer under coat painting, 4 layer finished coat painting; With Pop-up drainage;

Bathroom furnitures

Item code: UV-3926

Description: Main cabinet : 99x55x50.5cm Mirror cabinet: 90 x 14 x 82 cm Artificial marble counter: 100 x 55.5x1.8cm, Under counter basin :52.5 x 37 x 20cm Multi-layer solid wood by 7layer painting; 3layer under coat painting, 4layer finished coat painting; With Pop-up drainage;

Shower enclosures

Item code : TS-6496

Description: tempered shaft transparent glass 10 mm, 1 fixed door and 1 sliding door; 1mm #304 stainless steel profile by polished finished; 3mm aluminum guide rail inside of #304 stainless steel profile; #304 stainless steel pulley; #304 stainless steel handily by polished finished; Length: 1200 - 1600 mm Height: 1850 - 2200 mm Tempered Glass: 10 mm

Basin faucet

Item code : LT-147

Description: Double-control faucet 145×185mm Spanish Sedal ceramic cartridge Neoperl bubble device 59#Solid brass construction Chromium plating

Steam Panel

Item code : A-1301T

Description: Size 26 x 11.4 x 16.3cm 1. New Steam panel, a smart choice for DIY your steam room; two. LED Color screen, color change on the basis of different temperature; three. New control panel, for free setting of time, temperature of steaming. 4, with handhold shower and smart thermostatic faucet; 5. 3 choice for glass panel (Grey, white and black color)